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Enjoy the Mantis Shrimp Showdown soundtrack as you embark on an adventure in Geometry Dash Shrimp. Help the character reach their destination safely.

The character in Geometry Dash Shrimp is a square block with an angry expression. Then, the soundtrack plays, which moves at a speed that corresponds to the beat of the music. Ahead of you is not a flat road. There are many obstacles ahead waiting for you to overcome. You must be calm, careful and skillful to overcome everything.

When you have passed 44% of the journey in Geometry Dash Shrimp, the speed will change to 2 times faster after you see the text "GET READY!". Players switch between Fast Train, Robot and mini UFO game modes. One common point in this game is that no matter what mode you switch to and what shape you have, your mission is still to collect all the coins along the way. Reach your destination safely as soon as possible. Play now!

How to play

Use WASD keys to control movement.

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