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Face a platform challenge in Geometry Dash, where catchy rhythms meet mesmerizing geometric shapes. Get ready to vibe out like never before!

Geometry Dash: Ultimate Challenges to Conquer 

Geometry Dash's creator published the original version in 2013. To attract more fans of the game, other intriguing spin-offs were subsequently added, including Geometry Dash Meltdown, Geometry Dash World, and Geometry Dash SubZero.

When controlling a fascinating geometric shape and attempting to avoid obtrusive obstacles, Geometry Dash transports players to a new and relaxing realm! Up to now, this game has been renowned as one of the most popular rhythm-based platformer games, with 22 core levels and four platformer modes in The Tower. Besides, this game has more than 10 million fan-made levels, which are created by enthusiastic fans.

In this amazing rhythm-based action game, players will control a cube, ball, UFO, and more as they navigate through difficult obstacles and complete stages without crashing. Additionally, each outstanding jump of the main character will take in the catchy beat. When the cube falls into nails, spikes, or other obstacles, the round must restart. 

Geometry Dash’s Main Features

Map Packs

One of the key features of Geometry Dash is Map Packs. Players may access this via the creator menu. The choice of user levels affects Map Packs. Each typically has three stars and levels of comparable difficulty. When players finish the whole pack, they may get from 2 to 10 stars and 1 hidden coin (2 secret coins in the Demon one).

  • At the beginning, it has 25 packs, including Beginner, Normal, Remix 1, Stereo, Hard, Morph, Challenge, Remix 2, Dash, Expert, Remix 3, Fusion, Turbo 1, Turbo 2, Chaos and Remix 4 packs, and Demon Packs 1 to 9.
  • After the first update, the creator added 14 new packs: Phoenix, Power, Elemental, Fast, Bionic, Shatter, Twisted, Mortal, and Magma packs, and Demon Packs 10 to 14.
  • Not stopping there, players can continue to expand their journey with 15 fresh packs in the next update version. It consists of Sapphire, UFO, Amethyst, Ruby, Shiny, Color, Warp, Cyclone, Colossus, Diamond, Paradox and Funky packs, and Demon Packs 15, 16 and 17.
  • Recently, in the latest addition, players can experience 11 novel packs. You can join Alpha, Force, Cookie, Electro, Laser, Glow, Spirit, Ion, Blade, Sparkle, and Happy packs.


In Geometry Dash, every Gauntlet has five user levels that players must finish, all of which increase in complexity. There are twenty-four gauntlets in all, some of which are hidden or locked at first. Players must utilize level rewards or diamonds they have collected on levels in order to unlock them all. Users can receive additional diamonds, mana orbs, shards, icons, and other unique items upon finishing a gauntlet.

Unlike map packs of almost equal difficulty, gauntlets are collections of levels with the same map concept. Players can challenge with 25 gauntlets such as Fire, Ice, Poison, Shadow, Lava, Chaos, and so on.

User Levels

Fans of Geometry Dash will find the User Levels feature helpful. Players may comment on, rate, like, and hate other users' levels, as well as compare their results to those of other players on the level's leaderboard.

Players may also create the levels they like. Every user-made level has the option to be rated based on its quality and degree of difficulty. Upon completion, rated levels provide stars and mana orbs. Progress is also rewarded with mana orbs. If the level is part of a gauntlet or the daily or weekly Demon, diamonds will be made accessible. The rightmost button on the main menu screen and the bottom right button with the magnifying glass symbol that says "Search" under the Create menu are where players may discover a validated custom level. 


Collectibles are the main feature of Geometry Dash. There are various types of collectibles, such as achievements, icons, levels, and secret content.

  • Stars: Playing the official game may get you 2,838 stars in total. This is the reward you will receive, corresponding to the difficulty rated in stars at each level. Started split according to difficulty in the User Levels: Unrated levels - 0 stars, Auto levels - 1 star, and other levels similar to the difficulty of the official levels.
  • Moons: Completing Tower levels earns you 25 moons; each level grants you between 5 and 7 moons.
  • Secret coins: Players may get secret coins by compiling map packs. In all, you can collect 164 coins.
  • User coins: Players may use them to unlock icons, achievements, and the vault. These coins appear at user levels similar to the secret coins at the base level.
  • Mana orbs: Players can buy goods from every store with mana orbs. 
  • Diamonds: Diamonds help players earn achievements and icons.
  • Keys: Properly known as Demon Keys, they may be acquired via daily chests or by getting more than 500 mana orbs in a row. 
  • Shards: They have been used to earn achievements and icons. 

Geometry Dash GamePlay

Practice Level

Practice Levels are accessible for Geometry Dash and all of its spin-offs. The pause menu's green gem button may be used to enter practice mode. The typical level prizes are not available in practice mode, and progress is tracked independently from normal mode. Objects that ordinarily pulse in time with the rhythm won't do so when practice mode is activated. The only levels that provide icons upon completion in practice mode are Cycles, xStep, and Clubstep.

Daily Level

This rhythm-based game introduces Daily Levels, which the user may access via the creator menu. RobTop verifies the ratings of these levels based on user levels. Players may earn diamonds by finishing a daily level. The level's box will disappear when you get the reward, and a new one will show up the next day.

Weekly Demon

Diamonds may be awarded by players in addition to regular awards during the Weekly Demon. A chest with 500 orbs, 20 jewels, a key, and two Shards of Power will be awarded for finishing the level. If a level you've previously finished is featured later, you may revisit it as a "different" level to get more prizes. A specific amount of Weekly Demons cannot be completed to unlock an accomplishment, unlike Daily Levels. 


Note that each character form in Geometry Dash will have a different direction of movement. Get familiar with them to have the most precise control operations.

For core levels:

  • SPACE/UP Arrow: Jump
  • HOLD DOWN SPACE/UP Arrow: Multi-jump

For platformer modes: You can use the arrow keys to direct the main character.

Popular games inspired by Geometry Dash

Due to Geometry Dash's current surge in popularity, a number of similar geometry games have been released to provide gamers with an even more exciting gaming experience.

  • Geometry Dash Lite: The five most recent major levels have restricted collectibles, icons, and achievements. User Levels and other related features are also not accessible.
  • Geometry Dash Subzero: With three unique levels and the freeze theme, a restricted number of achievements, icons, and trinkets are available.
  • Geometry Dash Meltdown: Similar to Geometry Dash Subzero, this game has three special levels along with a restricted number of treasures, icons, and achievements. This spin-off game has the concept of flame and lava.
  • Geometry Dash World: Ten basic short levels and brief stages make up this game, which must be completed in order. It is divided into two worlds, each having five levels that include different accomplishments, icons, collectibles, stores, and vaults.
  • Geometry Dash Breeze: Players from all around the globe are drawn to this game by its abundance of icons, eight new backdrops, and ten new levels.
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