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The player's goal in Dino Game is to increase their score by avoiding obstacles while moving and going as far as possible. For those times when they get stuck when they can't access the Internet, this is what the vast majority of Chrome users do.

Dino Game will notify you at startup if there is no connection with a dinosaur. Pressing the space bar or clicking the left mouse button will start the dinosaur moving. Everything from cactus to birds and other hazards awaits you on your journey. Get out of a head-on collision by crouching down or jumping upward. It is game over the moment a collision occurs. After we move, we'll gradually raise our score. When you reach around 700 points, the screen will change. The sky, which was shown in dark gray on white during the day, will change to light gray on black when night falls. There are many more interesting things you will discover here. Play now!

How to play

Click the mouse or press the spacebar to jump up.

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