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Impressive adventures with deadly new traps, Vex 7 is available now. To reach the finish line, players must overcome a maze of obstacles and traps! Players in Vex 7 will be decapitated, sliced, and splattered by different objects all the time. It is your task to learn the timing, maneuvers, and control systems required to become a Vex master and make it out of this deadly labyrinth.

In order to survive in Vex 7, players must use all of their innate abilities. They must also gather gold coins and spears upon finishing each objective in each level. You may change the outfit and look of your Vex character with the money you gather. To fly further, you may also utilize in-game consumables like grappling hooks, TNT, elixir, and parachutes. Give it a go once! You'll get enthused and addicted to it for sure. 

How to play

Use WASD keys to control movement.

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