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Step into the depths of Tunnel Run and navigate through twisting passages! Let’s dash through neon-lit tunnels and become a tunnel master!

Tunnel Run is a fun and stimulating game where you will experience the feeling of speed in fascinating tunnels. The game will lead you into breathtaking tunnels with magical neon lights. You will control a moving vehicle and try to avoid obstacles along the way. Your mission is to go as far as possible in this challenging and dangerous environment. Obstacles with different shapes and designs will test your ability to improvise. These barriers can be fixed or constantly moved to rotate the tunnel. A small collision can also cause the round to end, regrettably.

This speed game requires players to have perseverance. Besides, you can improve your concentration and have excellent reflexes. Each challenge segment will have a different tunnel and obstacle design. In particular, the rainbow tunnels. This terrain will make you dizzy and easy to lose, so be careful. The levels will connect together to form a never-ending journey. You can only know the end point when you try your best and try many times. Good luck!

How to Run in Tunnels

You cannot manage the pace of the round in Tunnel Run. Instead, use the left and right arrow keys to navigate the invisible object in the corresponding directions. Actually, this is a first-person game with a realistic and lively feel.

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