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Let’s help the lovestruck couple of Love Pins navigate through challenging puzzles and obstacles to reunite them and ignite sparks of love.

Immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere of Love Pins and challenge yourself with stimulating love puzzles! This game not only requires sharp logical thinking but also requires you to have the ability to analyze situations delicately.

Becoming Cupid, you will have to overcome a series of obstacles to unite the love of two separated hearts. However, things don't always go smoothly. Thieves, vicious dogs, and cannons will be difficult obstacles, testing your tactical abilities. At each level and each turn, the most important thing is the order of drawing the barrier. This is not only an obstacle but also a powerful weapon to help you overcome challenges. Use them wisely and take advantage of obstacles so that they destroy each other, paving the way for love.

Shooting the Love Arrow

You can click on the barriers to remove them. Note that you cannot withdraw multiple barriers at the same time. Only when the characters have completed their action from the previous turn can you continue. Obstacles will immediately activate automatically when any object appears in their sight.

To Master Your Skill

To have impressive achievements in Love Pins, you need to understand how these types of dangers work. The ferocious dog can bite the thief and both main characters. Packs of explosives, cannons, and arrows can destroy any character.

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