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Physics has gone wrong with Happy Wheels (maybe)! In hilarious ways, you have to race to the finish line with genius skills and strategy.

Happy Wheels introduces you to a crazy balancing game with difficult-to-control adjustments. With somewhat scary designs and situations, the game will challenge players in both skill and courage. You can choose a character with separate vehicles to start. Each challenge is a unique discovery in different locations.

In this game, you will maneuver characters using bicycles, wheelchairs or other vehicles and try to overcome levels full of challenges and obstacles. The combination of agile gameplay, fun images and dramatic action scenes has created a special attraction. Your goal is to pass each level by avoiding obstacles and clearing the complex terrain that the game poses. You will need to use your driving skills to win spectacularly.

How to Play

The player navigates the character using the arrow keys. Occasionally, you may come across some special tools that can cause the main character's movements to change suddenly or also serve as a useful stepping stone. Make good use of everything you can to get closer to victory!

The user-levels features

User-level features make Happy Wheels popular, and it is constantly growing its own community. To extend the challenge, in addition to the main rounds, players can participate in these levels to improve their skills. Whatever option can make your level better, don't be afraid to try it.

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