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Gorilla Adventure gives players a smooth experience when participating in the adventure of exploring the beautiful natural landscapes of a city.

At Gorilla Adventure, players will transform into a giant ape and climb over towering buildings in the middle of the city. Here, a shimmering, magical city is drawn based on sharp 3D graphics. The ape-man will begin exploring the cityscape from building to building. But it was difficult for him when his limbs were tied by an iron box, making all his movements difficult. This will be a big challenge for you to control him to move skillfully to safely jump over buildings without getting hurt. A difficult problem is posed to you, but if you succeed in solving it, you can conquer all challenging levels here. What are you waiting for? Play now!

How to play

Control the character to move skillfully to overcome all challenges. Use the keys flexibly and quickly to overcome all obstacles safely.

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