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In Flappy Bird, players take control of a bird and attempt to guide it through a series of challenges and assist it reach its maximum flight distance.

Clicking continually will be required of players in Flappy Bird in order to assist the bird in maintaining its balance and flying through the undulating pipes. You may get a high score by going as far as you possibly can. In this section, players will be required to demonstrate their dexterity and agility. A Vietnamese man by the name of Dong Nguyen is responsible for the creation of this timeless game. An additional point is added to the total score of this game for each time the bird makes its way through a pipe. In the event that it comes into contact with pipes or falls to the ground, the game will not continue. Act immediately! 

How to play

  • To start the game, click the "Play Game" button.
  • Utilize a mouse to play.

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